Roadhouse Blues Australian Cattle Dogs
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Welcome to Roadhouse Blues Home Page

Roadhouse Blues is located high in the Colorado

Rockies.  We have had the pleasure of owning

Australian Cattle Dogs since 1990.  We are a small

operation with a few bitches and dogs that run our

life.  We raise Registered Angus  cattle and our

dogs are used to work  and are our  companions. 

Due to seeing the need for quality tested dogs we

have decided to breed a few litters to better the breed.

 We breed for "type" first. All of our breeding stock is

tested for the genetic diseases that our breed inherits,    

including Baer, PRA,ED & HD.

Most of our breeding stock is imported from Tallawong

Kennels in Australia.  Tallawong has been breeding

Australian Cattle Dogs for 50+ years.  Ken and Helen

Dickson are one of the top producers of Champions in

Australia for many years, and producing many dogs that

worked the Outback stations. 

Not only do our dogs work, they have excelled in the

show ring and they also like to four wheel, fly fish,

and run the ranch!!

So,..........Come on in and have a look around!!
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